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    OffSet By Sebastien Calbry
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    TECHINT By Yoshito
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    Heirloom Deluxe Emily's Revenge Teaser Trailer
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    Upgrade by Danny Weiser
    Upgrade Allows you to change an indifferent card into a signed selection AT THE SPECTATORíS FINGERTIPS
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    The Volunteer Swindler by JB Magic
    Super Visual, Carry Everywhere Magic
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    Ocular By Alexis De La Fuente & Rob Bromley
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Magic Tricks - Alakazam Magic Shop is your one stop shop for Magic Tricks whether youíre looking for easy magic tricks or card tricks for a seasoned professional you will find all your Magic Books, Magic Tricks, Instructional  DVDís and even Instant Downloads, available on your iPhone, iPad or Android on the go!

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