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Trevor Lewis Esolc "That's Close Up" by Phil Willmarth - Book

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Product Description
A great little book of close-up magic.

This book includes; routine with cards, coins, Benson bowl, sponges and more. We highly recommend this book for all close-up performers.

There are six chapters:

1. "Focus on Cards" (nine items)
2. "Double Focus on Cards" (seven items)
3. "No Focus at All" (five items)
4. "Focus on Coins" (four items)
5. "Focus on Comedy" (ten items)
6. "Focus on Dealer Effects" (six items)

Only six items are repeated in the volume Routines Matter also by Phil Wilmarth & Trevor Lewis.

Stand-out routines included are "Trevor's Swivel Force, "Trevor's Benson Bowl Routine," "Flog,' and "Tamaraz Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits." And "The Razor Blade Trick".

Due to the confusing name, limited advertising, and small type size, the book did not get the attention or sales the material deserved when it was first published.

BOOK DETAILS: Trevor Lewis' ESOLC "that's Close Up"

Phil Willmarth (editor)

Photographs by Anne Willmarth, illustrations by Marshall Philyaw.

Originally printed by Standridge Magic in 1981.

©1981 Lewis and Phil Willmarth

Size: 5.5" × 8.5"', soft cover, saddle stitched, 98 pages.

The copies we have came from the Philip Willmarth Estate supplied by the new copyright holder Magic Methods.