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Book on Close Up Magic

40 Tricks with a Hot Rod Booklet

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Product Description
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The Hot Rod is one of those great items that can be used to perform dozens of very different effects. This ebook provides clear instructions and ideas for getting the most out of your Hot Rod or any color changing rod.


The Hot Rod

Various Moves


Through Fist


Little D


Throw In Air

Push Vanish

Thumb Palm

Finger Palm

Thumb Vanish

Another Vanish

One In Each Hand

Two In One Hand



Half And Half

Tricks With Household Items

To A Pretzel

To A Rolled Bill

To Paper

To A Cigarette

To A Silk

Through Silk

Tricks Made With Things Found Around The House

To Extra-Long One

To 12 Little Ones

To 12 Jewels

To Shot-Glass Filled With Kool-Aid

To Colored Rope

To Confetti Filled Cig

Hot Rod Pull

Break And Restored

Fire Change

Pencil To Red

Tricks And Routines

Miser's Dream

Signed Card

Paperfold Vanish

In Ear, Out Nose

Envelope Force

Six Colored Cards

Three Of Hearts


1st edition 1986, 32 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 21 pages.

word count: 6732 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text