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DVD on Coin Magic

Ag47 by Rajan

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Regular price £24.99
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Product Description
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Alakazam are proud to present one of the UK’s finest magicians, a professional of almost 30 years, 

a trailblazer of the corporate and close up world... Rajan with his debut DVD Ag47

This DVD covers 5 of Rajans top set working coin effects.  Effects that Rajan performs on a daily basis and has done for over 20 years! Join Rajan as he teaches you every routine in great detail.


A visually pleasing and fun to do bare hand production of 3 Silver Coins which seem to literarily materialise in and out of existence. Pure bubble gum for the eyes!


Distilled, triple filtered and so smooth! Absolute Magic!

This is possibly the clearest, purest and simplest of 3 flys. 

Simplified so that anyone can do it, yet sophisticated to allow for your personality and presentation to shine through. 


High Speed Three - ‘A fast but noisy departure’.

Like a high speed train, you hear it, you see it... but just for a second, then it’s gone,

3 silver coins drop from one hand to the other - you hear them, you see them - but just for a second... then they’re gone!


A diabolical, no lapping, no shell, no Han Ping Chien, no extra coins, coins thru’ table with a great kicker ending… that you can do standing up. 

The perfect silverware for the top table. 


You will fry their brains with this brilliant Coins Across routine into the spectators hands, with the final coin appearing under their watch.  

Lots of business, gags and lines that will leave them screaming!  Rajan performs this in every close-up gig he does. So will you!

Bonus Section
*For the first time Rajan teaches his method for softening coins. This technique alone will save you hundreds of pounds. There is no more need to seek out those expensive soft coins!
*Rajan gives you the method for concocting the perfect hand lotion.      
This Secret Formula will give your hands the grip that we crave when performing card or coin magic Magic

"Such elegant magic and surprisingly easy to master. 

When one of the UK's leading close up magicians talks and teaches, I listen. And you should too" Nick Einhorn. 

"I first saw Rajan perform his beautiful coin magic over 20 years ago, it blew me away!  It  blew me away again today!  This is Gold-dust from a real worker" Etienne Pradier.