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DVD on Card Magic

Celestial Mechanics By David Davies

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Regular price £19.99
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:

Celestial Mechanics By David Davies & Alakazam Magic

The name David Davies is well known in the underground card scene and Alakazam are proud to offer you his debut DVD Celestial Mechanics .  

1 Bling-a twirling in the hands three packet cut.

2 Pulse- a three packet in the hands cut
3 Kolyvagin-a rotating multi packet cut
4 Zero Point-a three packet cut with a hard pivot
Partially false cuts
5 Neutron-a twirling four packet cut
6 Knothole cut-a three packet cut that turns over
7 Coriolis-a multiple packet cut with counter rotating packets
8 Yoda-a four packet cut that jumps between the hands
9 Sideswipe-an example of a cut and a four card revelation
10 Backhanded-four packet Knothole cut with a back of the hand finish
11 Swirlier Pass-a swirling twirling running Charlier Pass
12 Harlequin-Chris Kenner's Sybil flourish turned back to front
13 Clockwork Cut-an eye pleasing remix of Brian Tudor's Revolution Cut
14 Four Point Function-a four packet variation of Chris Kenner's Sybil flourish
Molecular Meditations
15 Thumb Trigger-using the thumb to trigger a crimpless card production
16 Molecular Sandwich-a Molecule production locates two other cards
17 Monocule-a flourish cut with a one handed Molecule production
18 Molecular 360 Hybrid-using Burst for a Molecule like production
19 Molecular Reconfiguration-a Molecule production occurs backwards
Revelatory Capacity
20 Snapparition-a selection appears with a finger snap from a squared deck
21 Burst-a selection bursts into existence at the fingertips
22 Fast Tabled Four-a quick slick tabled four card production
23 Tightly Wound-the Clockwork Cut combined with Lennart Green's Thumb Shot
24 Delicate Extraction- three variations of a single card production
25 Unstoppable Steel Tendon Form-a remix of Marc Decoux' Crazy Little Flourish for locating four of a kind
26 Good Intentions-a visual descending four card production
27 Gravitational Mishap-a one handed cut dropped to the table produces a card
28 Mechanical Popover-a flipped packet mechanically produces a card