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Chain Breaker Thumb Tie -Losander

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"As I Recall..." Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic. They recall some of their most cherished moments with the master and perform their favorite effects, keeping his legacy alive. A note from the producers: We would like to boast that (to our knowledge, at the time of this DVD set's release) we have collected the most footage of Slydini, to be released anywhere in one production, for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy learning from The Master! DISC ONE Slydini Performs"Coins Through the Table""Cigarette Miracle""Two Cigarettes From One" Cellini Performs & Explains"The Slydini Movement""Coins Through the Table"Cigarette Miracle""Two Cigarettes From One""Impossible Dream" Other effects performed by Slydini students: Bill Brunelle Slydini's "Interlude With a Paper Napkin"Slydini's Sponge Ball Routine Charlie Cambra"The Illusive Four" Bob Yorburg "Slydini's Linking Pins" DISC TWO Slydini Performs"Paper Balls Over the Head""Production of Silks""Knotted Silks""Paper Balls to the Hat (Box)" Cellini Performs & Explains"Production of Silks""Knotted Silks""Paper Balls to the Hat (Box)""You can look at a book. You can read it. You can hope to understand what the principles are... but, to not see the creator perform it, there is something missing, until you have the opportunity to see the master perform. And then, you say to yourself 'Oh'! I understand something now,' something that you can't interpret or get from a book." - Jim Cellini -"What I adored about Slydini was not his ability to deceive people, but rather the magical feeling that he generated in people." - Bill Brunelle -"The Slydini magic, I loved. The Slydini philosophy - I thought was in a class by itself. That's where I got a special thrill!" - Bob Yorburg -Disc One Length: Approx. 1hr 45min Disc Two Length: Approx. 2hrs