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Money Trick

Exact Change Gregory Wilson

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Product Description
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*Please note that stock is due in next week and this is a pre-order
Our First Batch of Exact Change sold out in just one hour!  This is really awesome and its going to be in my pocket at all times.  In stock and ready to ship now. To ensure you do not miss out on this great effect.  "Peter Nardi"

Your 1 - 100 Prediction Is Right On The Money!

A soon-to-be-stunned spectator gives you a number from 1-100. You remove all the change from your pocket and the total matches exactly!

In Greg's professional repertoire for years, it's a perfectly direct and deceptive feat of mentalism that has impressed some of the best minds in magic!

It's easy to do. You start clean, end clean, can turn your pocket inside out or (if you're cheeky enough) have a spectator reach in for the outcome herself. Plus, it comes with 36 remarkable routines to overwhelm your senses!

Resets instantly. No palming. No forcing. No tailoring. No place it can't be done. The instructional DVD, fine leather money clip and custom-designed "secret weapon" will make you look like a master mentalist in minutes!
"As real as it gets!" - Banacheck
"A beautiful perfect thing." - Paul Harris
"That's #@&^ing amazing!" - Bob Cassidy
"This fooled me entirely! I'm an instant fan and want to do it asap!" - Joshua Jay
"You fried me, I want to put this in my repertoire immediately!" - John Kennedy
"I love being fooled! How do I put this in my next TV special?" - Cyril

 "In all honesty this INSTANTLY became something I carry with me everywhere. It is in my opinion the cleanest and most direct version of this effect out there and I can not recommend this enough." - Alan Rorrison