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DVD on Card Magic

Inscrutable 2 DVD By Joseph Barry

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Product Description
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More Killer Card Magic By Joe Barry!  If you watched Inscrutable 1 you will know just how strong Joe's magic is!

Prepare yourself for more killer routines straight from Joe's working repertoire.


On this DVD Joe shares more of his favourite creations. Inscrutable 2 is packed with new routines & moves.

10 cards for Levante

Thanks to vernon

Simple card at number

Eighth son

The spread cross force


Pseudo Hold’em

End play

Freedom stacking

Psychic spectator

Intuitive selection


Bonus Moves

Flip double lift


Thanks To Higham



"For the close up performer this DVD is a must for original powerful card magic. Joseph’s style is so laid back you barely even realize he’s doing anything at all. You’ll spend some time mastering these routines but it will be time well spent. This DVD is a must have!"
William Draven

"If you have seen Inscrutable 1 and enjoyed the material you will likely appreciate what is shared in this chapter (on this disc). If you have not seen the first two DVDs and are an intermediate to advanced card worker, you will probably like this stuff too."
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant