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DVD on Sleeving

Lightspeed DVD By Perseus Arkomanis

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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:

A masterclass to the fastest and most invisible sleeving technique there is!

With LIGHTSPEED you will be able to do what most magicians only dream of!

Perform all the classics of coin magic but be open and clean!:

 Copper-Silver! (no gimmicks)

Visual Coin Through Glass Table

Coin in Bottle (requires gimmick)

One Coin Flurry

 And Perseus' pet routines such as:


*"Coins through Hanky" where 3 coins pass through a Table napkin held by two spectators!

*"Coin Smash" where you borrow a coin and smash it to a table or in your hand to create change!

*"Smash Undone" where you take the change you just created, put them in your hand and mold them back to the original coin!

*"Simple Coin Vanish" where you just hold a coin and close your fingers around it and it vanishes!

Also versatile moves like:


*"The Strike Banish" A great take on David Williamsons' "Strike Vanish" where you end up clean!

*"Spoon forking" A switch of a spoon to a fork while acting as if you're going to bend it!

*"Spoon writing" A wonderful gag where you give a spoon to a spectator to sign a card and change it into a pen when you realize the mistake!

*"Pen to Pen Switch" For all the mentalists out there that want their double-writing routine to have the two writings be completely different!



*Practice drills!

*In depth analysis of the psychology and mechanics of sleeving!


When the top Sleevers of the world saw lightspeed, this is what they said:




If you really want to take your magic to a whole new level you better start sleeving stuff!

And do it...in LIGHTSPEED!

What the expert sleevers are saying:

"Great! His moves are totally invisible, natural and very deceptive!" Rocco Silano
"Damn, I didn't know my sleeve could do that!!!" Titanas
"His technique is fantastic; with light speed vanishes and productions that are truly amazing!" Michael Ammar   

"Great moves! Great technique! Looks pure magic to me!" Carl Cloutier

"Perseus' moves are very interesting with many possibilities. I'm sure magicians all over the world will find their own adaptations to this versatile technique."