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Close Up Trick

Orbit By Jon Fox and Global Magic

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Regular price £39.99
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:
Imagine making - Mobile phones, glasses, dishes, wine glasses, credit cards, CD's  any suitable object float between your hands!
Orbit is a revolutionary levitation device!
Super Visual
Easy to do
One size fits all
No threads or magnets
Completely self-contained
Robust and heavy duty
No set-up, the gimmick is always ready
Comes with special gimmick ready to go
Please note angle considerations during performance.
Every detail is covered in a step by step online instructional video. Nothing is left out. Now go out there and blow your spectators away!
Idea for Orbit by Illusion Designer Mark Parker brought to life by Jonathan Fox and Global Magic Shop
"Loving the Orbit gimmick! it's so versatile"

"A game changer in levitation gimmicks"

"Orbit is not only what you are thinking of..sometimes small additions make the effect much better... this is definitely why i love it!"
YOAN TANUJI - Magic Dream