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Pro Light 3.0 Pair by Marc Antoine

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Regular price £80.00
Regular price Sale price £80.00
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:

The MOST powerful Light at the fingertips you've ever seen!

Imagine a white d'lite that would light up 100 times more! This product exists, it is called: PRO LIGHT!

Manufactured by the famous Marc Antoine, this high tech product will seduce you and amaze everyone.

This light can be seen perfectly in daylight!

Moreover, the device is rechargeable on any USB port.


Professional quality material

The contact to recharge is done magnetically

A red/blue diode system indicates when the equipment has finished charging

Only one charger delivered for two Thumb Tip

You can perform in daylight

Undetectable system integrated to a quality Thumb Tip

High-tech manufacturing with best components

Gold PCB tracks and contactors for maximum reliability

A Marc Antoine creation

Benefits of version 3:

Led power increased by 20% compared to V2 (knowing that the V2 was already the most powerful on the market)

Reinforced printed circuit with anti-transpiration protection

2-point switch for absolute and smooth control

42% more autonomy (a single charge for about 70 performances)