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Alakazam Wallet

The Hideout Wallet By Outlaw Effects

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Regular price £94.99
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Product Description
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Alakazam Magic Are Proud To Present The Hideout V2 By Outlaw Effects.

We’re back with a second helping of Outlaw Effects goodness.  Once again the master of wallets Tony Curtis took on the task of recreation one of the mentalism communities favourite wallets.  Made to Tony’s super high standards the Hideout V2 is an amazing piece of awesomeness that you will carry with you every day!

Disguised as an everyday bill-fold wallet the Hideout V2 is a powerhouse full of hidden pockets and even has a very sneaky peek built in. 

Here is what the pros are saying

The Hideout is one of the most versatile mentalist wallets I've seen. The creative possibilities for effective 'impromptu' work are endless. High quality work and well thought out "Bob Cassidy”

I have spent a long time savouring the H.O.W. and in my honest opinion I have found it to be THE BEST instant peeking wallet that I have ever used.

The peek is instant and congruent; there is no need to re-open the wallet for 'some reason'. The billet indexing space is more than generous and allows the performer to have a vast amount of 'outs' or better still more than one effect using a billet index.

Best of all this wallet holds money well and in a normal manner, which cannot be said for some wallets on the market.

This is the best mentalism wallet on the market at the moment, and at an amazingly agreeable price. I always have mine - where is yours?" "Paul Brook”


It's a regular full size bi-fold hip pocket wallet. It is made from high quality leather to Tony Curtis’s exacting standards.

1. Its primary functions are multiple outs/ Indexing and built in peek!

2. This wallet has 20 pockets, two of them gaffed for the built in peek, 8 pockets that are "hidden" and they're not in the bill compartment. The bill compartment is not gaffed.

3. It has pockets that are wide enough to hold business cards, credit cards, Kioku cards, Psi Card etc. Nine pockets of the 20 are deep enough to completely conceal a playing card.

4. It can be set up as a switching wallet. The wallet duplicates itself (don't ask)

5. The billfold compartment is deep enough to easily hold British currency (the wide stuff ).

6. There are hidden pockets that can hold playing cards, be used for indexing, multiple outs, KK routines etc.

7. There is a built in self-contained Outlaw peek function inside the wallet!

8. It is so simple yet so devious.
9. A devastating addition to your arsenal!

It is the Father of all Intimidating Destroyers! (Not sure what that means, but it sounds cool)