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09:31 | 27/04/2022

Peter Nardi, Managing Director at Alakazam Magic Limited

Every three years we have a major overhaul of our website, building in new features that hopefully make your shopping experience more enjoyable. This year, after many discussions with the A Team, we decided to make the biggest change to the website ever!

We had the previous site custom coded for us many years ago and the reason we had it coded was simple: there were no off the shelf products that could do what we wanted them to do. This was great, but in recent years it has become apparent that our site was falling behind with all the modern tech available. There are so many great things we want to offer the magic community, but the site had our hands tied. So, we made the decision to move platform completely (believe me this was a massive step and a scary one) but I did my research, and we found a company to build the site. I’m happy to say they were as passionate as we were to bring our vision to life. 

The beauty of this new platform is that it will evolve to keep up with modern trends. Creating the new Alakazam.co.uk has kept us all busy for the past seven months and I’m pleased to say it’s now ready! Over the coming months you will see tweaks and changes happening as we add new and exciting features.

One change you will notice is the way our new loyalty point system works. You still earn 1 point for each pound you spend but you will save them up to unlock vouchers and discounts. So as soon as you hit the first milestone of 100 points, you will get a £5 voucher to use on anything you like on the site or in store. We have also added a VIP Tier that, when reached, will reward all our loyal customers with additional discounts, bonuses, and extra goodies. Don’t worry, if you are an Alakazam customer it will not take you long to hit the VIP Tier!

The other great new feature we have added is our amazing Digital Gift Cards. You can use these cards online or in store by either entering the code online or adding it to your Apple wallet so it’s with you all the time. You can also spend it all in one go or just spend a small amount at a time. The system will keep track of what you have spent and what you have left. Our new Digital Gift Cards are the perfect gift for any magician.

In my next blog, I will tell you about some of the other amazing features but, in the meantime, be sure to create an account on the site and sign up to our Loyalty Scheme. I look forward to seeing you on the VIP Tier soon!

Peter Nardi

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