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Frozen In Time Swedish by Katsuya Masuda - Trick

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Product Description


A magician with a prophecy envelop in his hand asks one of the spectators to name any full hour. In the envelope, there is a photo frame with an image of a clock that has been photographed earlier. The magician takes out the frame and show the image to the audience. The clock indicates the hour that was called by the spectator.


'Frozen In Time' is upgraded thanks to a Swedish magician, Mr. Lars-Peter Loeld brilliant idea. The prop has been enabled to be handed and fully examined by the spectators. Thus, the effect is more mysterious than ever. An acrylic photo frame gives the prop a luxurious feel.

Instruction is provided through a video. You can watch the explanation video by scanning the QR code in the package.

Note: envelopes are not included.