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Liam Montier's Essential Card Magic Toolbox by Big Blind Media (8 DVD set) - DVD

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Regular price £86.28
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Product Description

'The Essential Card Magic Toolbox' is the ultimate resource for mastering the art of card magic. A complete course that gets you performing incredible tricks from day #1!

This monster collection features detailed, clear instructions on all the sleight of hand techniques you'll need to become a card ninja. With over 16 hours of material across 8 discs, this is a fun and engaging course that starts with 11 of the world's greatest self-working card tricks and ends with you being fully equipped to amaze, astonish and decimate audiences.

The moves are taught in clear concise detail by your host Liam Montier, giving you true insight into the best ways to tackle each sleight. Don't just learn how to perform moves - learn the best ways to practice, how to pick the perfect variation in any situation and how to make your magic look smooth and effortless.

'The Essential Card Magic Toolbox' isn't just a dry, encyclopaedic list of thousands of minutely different variations - your host, Liam Montier, has selected only the most useful and workable techniques. And every disc features world class magic routines for you to practice your newly mastering skills... so you'll be out there wowing audiences as you learn. Step into 'The Essential Card Magic Toolbox' and prepare to learn sleight of hand skills that will last a lifetime!

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks - start your journey with 11 of the world's greatest self-working tricks. Amaze and impress with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!

The False Shuffles & Cuts Project - learn 33 ways to shuffle, cut & mix the deck whilst all the time you control the order of the cards.

The Double Lift Project - prepare to master 14 kinds of double lift - the essential art of handling 2 or more cards so they appear to be a single.

The Forces Project - make you spectator take the card you WANT THEM TO. 24 bulletproof forcing techniques, ranging from the beautifully self working to essential moves like the 'Classic Force'.

The Controls Project - learn 26 devastating and deceptive techniques to control a selected card, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. These skills will leave you armed to covertly move playing cards to literally ANY position in the pack you desire.

The Elmsley Count Project - learn the RIGHT way to perform the Elmsley Count (a move that unlocks a treasure trove of incredible magic!!). Then dive into 14 further false counts and 8 of the most powerful magic tricks ever invented.

Ultimate Impromptu Magic - Now you are armed with all the essential sleights, let Cameron Francis guide you through 14 exceptional routines all of which can be done when someone hands you their deck and says 'show us a trick'!

'May I take this opportunity to say this has got to be one of, if not THE best DVD I have ever bought.' Geoff Bairstow
'Absolutely a MUST HAVE for every hobbyist like me, but I believe most professionals will also use one or more tricks on the DVD. You will fool both laymen and magicians. Probably my best magic DVD-purchase!' Killer Tweety Review
'This DVD is truly astounding! You could make a real reputation with this stuff.' Tony Philpott


'The content is excellent - distilling the best techniques and making them accessible. A must have for any magic library as far as I am concerned.' Paul H
'I was so impressed by the quality and usefulness of this DVD that I plan to buy all the titles in this series!' Serge F


'I thought my double lift was fine. Then I watched this, improved my technique 100% and learnt loads of variations I never knew existed. Thank you Liam!' Mark Hanson, Merchant Of Magic
'Beginner or working pro - you need this DVD. It WILL improve your technique. Plus the tricks are killer.' James Went (BBC's 'Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic')
'The most comprehensive guide to the double lift I have ever seen'. Dave Forrest
'An utterly indispensable guide to an essential move!' Iain Moran


'I would highly recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to further their skill in card magic!' Magic Othodoxy Reviews
'This is an excellent dvd! The selection of controls is very well-thought out and will serve you well in many, many contexts!' Robert V


'If you have an interest in card magic at any level you will like this DVD and find value in it!' Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine
'This is a great DVD to have in your library and as a reference source it's filled with tons of useful moves and performance theory!' William Draven, Mad Musing Reviews
'If you want to learn to force a card, you can willingly (and forcefully) check out Big Blind Media's "The Forces Project!' Wayne Kawamoto, Magic.About.com


'One of the best magic instructional DVD's to be released!' Roger Kelly
'Strongly advised for EVERY magician!' Peter Geraerts


'Strong effects which could answer the 'show us a trick' request so often thrown at magicians!' Bicyclecards.co.uk
'What a teacher! I love learning card tricks with a normal deck. I recommend this to anyone beginner or expert.!' Johan R
'You get 14 excellent card tricks that you can, and will, do! I highly recommend you get this top-knotch DVD.!' Paul Gordon