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DVD on Card Magic

Royal Road To Card Magic DVD

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Product Description
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The Classic Course In Card Magic, Royal Road To Card Magic, comes to you in this 4 DVD Set! Learn the basics then get into the advanced moves and tricks making you a Royal Card Performer...

Royal Road To Card Magic, 4 DVD Set

OverHand Shuffle
Controlling A Selected Card
Controlling The Top Card
Controlling The Bottom Card
Retaining The Top
& Bottom Cards
Top Card Next
to Bottom & Back
The Injog
Retaining Top Stock
Topsy-Turvy Cards
Poker Player’s Picnic
Pinkie Does It
Riffle Shuffle
Riffle Shuffle
Retaining Cards
At The Top
Retaining Cards
At The Bottom
Riffle Shuffle In The Air
An Instinct For Cards
Ultra Card Divination
Displaying The Top Card
The Ruffle
The Click Spread
& Turnover
Ribbon Spread
Ribbon Spread On
A Bare Table
Thumb Fan
One Handed Fan
Pressure Fan
Springing The Cards
Waterfall Shuffle
Throwing The Cards
The Glide
Design For Laughter
Observation Test
The Glimpse
Bottom Glimpse I
Bottom Glimpse II
Bottom Glimpse III
Top Card Glimpse/Fan Peek

The Key Card
Key Undercut
Key Undercut Shuffle
Marking The Cards
Overhand Shuffle
Key Card Marks
Do As I Do
The 26th Card
Sliding Key Card
The Palm
Top Palming A
Single Card
Multiple Cards
Multiple Cards
Palm Peek
Grab Bag Card
Piano Trick
The Backslip
Backslip Force
Backslip #2
Spring Catch
Shuffle 2
Injog & Break
Holding A Break
Break Control
Overhand Lift Shuffle
Spread &
Break Control
The Sevens
Getting The Sevens
To The Top

False Shuffles
& Cuts
Optical Shuffle
Charlier Shuffle
False Cut
Top Stock
Bottom Stock
Palm Cut
Willis Kenny’s
False Shuffle
Double Lift
& Turnover
Double Lift
Ambitious Card
Dr. Fu Liu Tu
The Pass
Mechanics Of
The Pass
Rudy’s Handling
Of The Pass
Riffle Pass
Spread Pass
Spring Pass
Righting A Wrong
Kangaroo Card
Misc. Flourishes
Color Changes
Side Steal
Side Steal In Depth
Double Color Change
The Changing Card
Self Cutting Deck
A Pretty Little Cut
Pop Up Card
Charlier Cut
The Reverses
First Method
Palm Reverse
Third Method
Double Reverse

Hindu Shuffle
& Controls
Hindu Shuffle Control
Hindu Shuffle Force
Hindu Force
Natural Jog
Classic Force
One Hand Force
Sliding Key Force
Slide Out Force
Cut Force
Pulse Trick
Top & Bottom
Top Change
Top Change Byplay
& Card To Pocket
Bottom Change
Top To Bottom Change
The Selective Touch
Think Stop
Reds & Blacks
Platform Tricks
Everywhere & Nowhere
Enlarging &
Diminishing Cards
Everybody’s Card
Three Cards Across