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Mentalism Trick

Letters By Jerome Sauloup

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Product Description
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Alakazam UK Exclusive!

Letters is a modern tool for the mentalist who wishes to add an effect simple And powerful With strong impact on spectators!

Jérôme Sauloup has developed this routine in 2016, wanting to add a fun side to mentalism. By integrating the theme of board game known worldwide, Scrabble®, Jérôme marks the spirits.

The routine is simple, the mentalist throws a paperball In the public to select a spectator who joins him on stage. A bag transparent filled with letters from Scrabble® is presented and the spectator draws several without looking at them. The choice is completely free!

When the mentalist shows the chosen letters, The spectator finds a word himself by reversing letters! Even stronger, the spectator opens the dumpling of paper he had on him from the start and the word has been written on it! The prediction is perfect!

Versatile, letters allow you to reveal Any word, In any language And this IN ALL SITUATIONS. The letters were specially sourced so that they are readable from afar. The easel, specially manufactured, will do all the work for you in a very clever way, allowing you to focus on the presentation. Letters is a tour developed by a professional magician for professionals and has amazed a lot of magicians before its official release. It will quickly be integrated into your show.

Strong points :

  • 100%customizable, prepare any word in any language
  • Easy to do
  • Usable in all situations
  • True letters of Scrabble®
  • Fast reset
  • Small Play Big Pack
  • No electronics
  • No accomplice
  • No pre-show

Scrabble® is a brand registered by J.W.SPEAR & SONS PLC

TV rights not included, please contact Magic Dream