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Rubiks Cube Magic

Tetra Cube by Maxim Durocher & Magic Dream

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Precio habitual £170.00
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Product Description

As Seen on TV

Tetra Cube is an instant self solving cube that anyone can solve without knowing any algorithms. It does not require any practice. Self working and instant reset you get a durable gimmick with a revolutionary mechanism.

Created by Maxim Durocher a young genius passionate by Cube Magic from years. 

“Maxim is a creative genius and has transformed Cube Magic.“ - Steven Brundage

"Tetra Cube is the most visual Cube effect on the market! This is the magician's dream effect!" - Hanson Chien

“Tetra Cube is an ingenious design. Congratulations, Maxim. You have solved a problem I’d always wanted to solve!” - Henry Harrius

"Tetra Cube is a brilliant concept, ahead of it’s time! " - Nicholas Lawrence

"As a magician with a degree in product design, what I really appreciate about Maxim is his dedication to designing a wonderful, creative and well-made Tetra Cube. There are so many examples of magic products that you know don’t have all the bugs worked out or the fabrication is sub-standard. Maxim’s Tetra Cube is well made and well conceived. It is what you expect great magic to be. " - Chris Pilsworth B.I.D

- One handed solved
- On the arm solve 
- Toss Up solve
- Three Color Changing Cube
- 6 face shuffle to 6 face solve
- 6 face shuffle to 6 face white
- Table Solve 
- Couch Solve 
- Cube in Balloon solve
- Solve in sealed Tupperware ® box
- Solve in Ziplock
- Spectator solve cube behind the back solve (Improved)
- Matching Cube effect

And many more routines

And multiple other possibilities to create your own routines. It’s not just a Magic Trick it’s a fun toy to play with.