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A Study In Three Fly by The Alchemy Tree

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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:
1 - A Study in 3Fly is the first of a few magic downloads exploring different coin gimmicks and the importance of routining coin magic, so that the emphasis is on the magic rather than “where is the magician hiding the coin?” or “is that a trick coin?”. 

Gimmick 1 explores the underused TUC coin, which, in Collin’s opinion, is the perfect coin for three fly and “cleans up” and “improves” many of the issues that 3Fly has. 

To turn 3Fly into a full routine rather than just a quick trick, the coins should 

  1. Appear one by one
  2. Travel across from hand to hand
  3. And then vanish one by one in an ultra clean manor. 

There is one live performance to show how it should look in a performing environment. 

Then, depending on your skill level, there is an easy 3Fly, aimed at getting beginners familiar with this routine, followed by an advanced version, which substitutes some of the easy sleights for slightly more challenging ones. 

This download consists of two parts:

The 3Fly portion which contains over an hour of detailed explanation of the moves and routining. 

Then part 2 which gives an even more in-depth explanation to some of the moves such as:

  1. Downs Palm
  2. Finger Palm
  3. Shuttle Pass
  4. JW Grip
  5. A basic version of Collin’s Ghost principle. 

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there will be something new to inspire you to create or improve your coin magic. 


The TUC is NOT included with this project to keep the cost to a minimum.  You are free to make your own choice as to which currency or size is best for you. We have included a link to the Dollar size HERE.