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Beginners Card Magic Academy

Academy Study Sessions Revelations With John Carey

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Regular price £24.99
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Product Description
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So what are the study sessions? Each session is a deep dive in to a particular topic. This session focuses on card controls. In this video John Carey teaches you no less than  fourteen fantastic routines/revelations that you can use.

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We are delighted to announce the release of a brand new video project called Revelation!!! On this production John Carey will perform and teach you 14 fantastic card revelation effects you will love learning and adding to your performing repertoires!

John is joined by Harry as they break down each effect in great detail. Here’s the content!

1. There it is!
2. Sandwich Revelation
3. 3 card catch
4. Indicator Revelation
5. Card in hand #1
6. Card in hand #2
7. Entrapped!
8. Invisi
9. Card at any number
10. Slop shuffle triumph
11. Chicago Opener
12. That’s it!
13. Card Stab
14. Spectator sandwich

You will never be at a loss to perform some very magical and strong card revelations!