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Academy Study Sessions Total Control With John Carey

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Product Description
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So what are the study sessions? Each session is a deep dive in to a particular topic. This session focuses on card controls. Card controls are one of the most important weapons to a magician of any level and in this video John Carey teaches you no less than  twenty fantastic controls that you can use.

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The Alakazam Academy are thrilled to announce the release of another new project by our friend John Carey called Total Control! John is joined by Harry as they take a deep dive into the world of card controls, including several original controls by John as well as some classical ones.

Twenty(!) controls are taught in great detail, including both top and bottom controls. None of the material is difficult and within no time you will add some great tools to your repertoire! There’s also a bonus non card piece of propless mentalism included as a bonus at the end we are sure you will like!

Here’s the content:

1. Basic control
2. Finessed basic control
3. Drop cut control
4. Mahatma control
5. Sidejog control
6. Split and spread control
7. Optical control
8. The Hofzinser Cull
9. Tommy Tucker pass
10. False cut control #1
11. False cut control #2
12. False cut control #3
13. Spread control #1
14. Spread control #2
15. Spread control #3
16. Bluff control
17. Bottom control
18. Marlo flexible control
19. Swivel control
20. Oops control!

Knowledge is power and you can never have enough great tools for the job. This is Total Control!