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Beginners Trick

Amazing Magic Magic Lamp

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**The Magic Lamp is designed to be used with UK 10p coins/US Quarters and any coin of the equivalent size. Which are not included.

Welcome to the Alakazam Amazing Magic Range.

Professional magic anyone can do!


We have handpicked a collection of great magic and mind reading tricks that are so easy to perform even a complete beginner could mystify anyone with just a few minutes of practice. Each effect comes with all the special props and a full instructional video which teaches you everything you need to know to get you performing amazing magic and mind-reading in just a few minutes.


The Magic Lamp is one of our best selling tricks. It's so simple to perform but so magical. A stack of coins (which may be borrowed) are placed inside a small golden coloured Magic Lamp. The lamp is placed on the back of your hand. The lid is lifted to show the coins are still securely housed inside. Now with just a snap of the fingers the coins not only escape from the lamp but they also penetrate your hand!!   On the tutorial video we teach you everything you need to know as well as a bonus routine where the coins vanish and appear in a different place altogether!