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Barallel Vase by Artisan Coin and Jimmy Fan

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Product Description
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A modern take on the classic Ball and Vase. An exquisite prop that will leave your audience amazed and delighted with its final surprise.

The Ball and Vase is a classic magic trick that has captivated magicians and enthusiasts for centuries. Its enduring popularity has led to the creation of numerous models and makes, which are displayed in the UK's Magic Circle. However, despite several versions and models, the underlying structure and principle of the Ball and Vase have remained unchanged over the past hundred years.

In an effort to breathe new life into this classic trick, Jimmy Fan has spent the past year studying new possibilities. Now, at last, we present to you - The Barallel Vase.

"Barallel" is a play on the words "ball" and "parallel," and it refers to the unique symmetrical design of the vase. It features a holdout at the other end of the vase, which solves the common issue of lacking a big final ending. This allows you to perform the standard ball and vase routine, and then use the appearance of the coins as a final surprise or a smooth transition to a coin routine.

To ensure smooth operation during your routine, it has magnets embedded in positions around the gimmick. The hand-sewn leather balls are a significant upgrade from the hard-to-handle plastic ones, and the dark red lychee grain leather and ebony-colored wood make for an elegant finish. The gimmick itself is also hand-sewn with the same material and thread as the leather ball, adding to its realistic appearance.


  • Allows for the appearance of four half-dollar coins, rings, and other small objects (coins and objects are NOT included in this set).
  • Made of black walnut wood with exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Hand-sewn leather balls (one gimmick and one ordinary leather ball);
  • The packaging box doubles as a storage case, with a minimal design and no printing.
  • Easy portability.
  • Comes with an online video tutorial of the full routine.


  • One ordinary Leather Ball is already included in the Barallel Vase set. Therefore, if you only need one ordinary Leather Ball, you do not need to purchase it individually again.
  • The Crystal Ball is NOT included in the set of Barallel Vase and needs to be purchased individually if you need it.