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Coin Magic Academy Course

Coin Magic Tutored By John Carey Instant Download

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Product Description

Following on from the tremendous success of his recent Alakazam Academy Zero to Hero Card Magic course, we are thrilled to announce that John Carey will be holding a 2 day course on Coin Magic in December!

Just like his Card Magic course, John will take you from beginner and intermediate level and teach you the fundamentals of Coin Magic in his own inimitable fun style. No previous experience is necessary. Just an appetite and willingness to watch, study and learn as we broadcast live from the Academy Film studio.

We will start off with all the necessary tools you will require that in a short space of time will have you performing astonishing coin magic for people. Then we will discuss myriad routines that apply these techniques. There is a ton of variety here! In addition, John will teach you how to apply misdirection and timing that truly turn tricks into Magic.

With Peter Nardi and Dave Loosely presenting and hosting, it promises to be two fun and enjoyable jam packed days of learning. As with all our courses you can join us live to watch and interact with us. Ask the questions and get the answers. We even have our own dedicated chat room and Facebook page just for registrants. But don't worry about having to remember everything as your course will be saved in your Alakazam Magic streaming account.

We expect demand to be very high for this course. Why not take advantage of our specially discounted early bird offer? We very much look forward to seeing you!

Introduction: Why Coin Magic? The benefits and advantages.

Section 1: Coin Concealments.

The Finger Palm and the Ramsay Subtlety

The Thumb Palm

The Classic Palm

Section 2: The Basic Techniques

The Bobo Coin Switch

The Utility Switch

The shuttle pass

The Thumb Palm Switch

The Click Pass:

  1. The basic click pass
  2. Finessed click pass

C: Multiple click pass

A Basic Coin Changeover.

Producing a coin magically: Including the Dai Vernon production, L'Homme Masque load and production, John Ramsay's production.

Section 3: Coin Vanishes

  1. Finger Palm Vanish
  2. Classic Palm Vanish
  3. Bluff Coin Vanish
  4. Albert Goshman's toss retention vanish 5. Gary Kurtz rebound retention pass and cross over vanish.
  5. The Drop Vanish
  6. The French Drop
  7. The use of a wand, pencil or wand substitute to improve your vanish.
  8. Slow motion Coin Vanish
  9. The Spider Vanish
  10. Pinch vanish


  1. Steeplechase vanish

Coin Productions:

  1. Slydini Production
  2. Vernon Production
  3. L’Homme Masque Production4. 
  4. Kurtz Production
  5. Silver Dust Production
  6. Ramsay Production
  7. Vernon on Ramsay


  1. Fingertip Production.
  2. Two, three coin productions. Simple and elegant.

In this section,as well as some beautiful techniques, John will focus and teach you the fundamentals of audience attention control or Misdirection. This in addition to tips on timing will really help your understanding and progress.

Section 4:   The Carey One Coin Routine. A feature in John's lecture work, watch as he performs and discusses his beautiful One Coin Routine. This uses some of the vanishes taught in the previous section and really showcases their utility. With a little bit of study you will have a routine you can perform almost anywhere!

Gaffed Coins:



A discussion with Peter Nardi on two fantastic gaffed Coins; Coin Unique and Confusing Coins. Three exceptional routines will also be taught using these amazing Coins!

End of Day 1.

Day 2!  A treasure trove of Coin effects!

  1. Copper Silver Transposition. Two methods taught in exacting detail.
  2. Basic Coins Across- A simple but awesome traveling coins effect 3. Intermediate Coins Across- A slightly harder but beautiful variation.
  3. Spellbound- A classic change of one coin into another multiple times.
  4. Equicoins- Carey's lovely self-working coin prediction you can and will use almost anywhere.
  5. The Thieves and the Sheep. A classic self-working coin effect that looks like sleight of hand.
  6. The Cross of India. A tribute to the late great Daryl. A truly beautiful piece of coin magic.
  7. Two in the hand and one in the pocket. Another classic effect taught Carey style!
  8. The Okito Coin Box. A discussion of the Okito coin box, some basic moves and a stunning effect all in one. The Boston box plus a great routine!
  9. Streamlined coins to Purse. Three coins vanish one at a time and magically appear inside the purse! Super clean and strong.
  10. Hooked on You! John’s beautiful rendition of the classic hanging coins using three different coins.
  11. The Copper silver coin. A discussion of this brilliant gaff closing with Carey’s opener from the past 10 years, Triple Inpurseination. One of the finest uses of this gaffed coin you will see!

End of Course Q and A:

We wrap up the course with a questions and answers session where you can interact with John and the team and ask all your Coin Magic Questions!

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus may be subject to change without prior notification