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Mentalism Trick

Alakazam Magic Presents Color Psychology by Adam Wilber

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Product Description
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Alakazam Magic is thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of the complete and exclusive rights to Adam Wilber's phenomenal masterpiece, Color Psychology. Since its initial release, it has captured the hearts of our team at Alakazam, quickly becoming a cherished favourite. We are delighted to incorporate it into our esteemed collection of top-tier products, further enhancing our commitment to providing high-end quality items to our valued customers!

*Comes with a bonus eBook by Peter Nardi called Double Tap which features two fantastic routines to use with Color Psychology

**Please check your order confirmation email for a link to additional PDF's and templates.

Welcome to Color Psychology: where you can predict the exact colors your spectators will choose each and every time and the best part, is how incredibly easy and fooling it really is!

Color Psychology has been real world road tested for over 18 months in Adam’s private shows meaning that not only are you going to receive the highest quality props available but you’re also getting a fully scripted routine that’s been perfected over the last year and a half.

If you’re looking for a trick that can immediately be put into your working sets knowing it will entertain, amaze and bewilder then Color Psy should be your next purchase.
If you don’t like the presentational style of Adam’s routine don’t worry…There are other magicians and mentalist on the project that will also offer their performances, scripting and/or ideas on the props so you can rest assured there will be something on here for everyone.

You show 4 brightly colored wallets all containing a slip of paper that matches the color of the wallet it’s in. Three spectators are asked on stage (or remain where they are if performed in a close up setting). Each spectator freely picks the colored slip they want leaving the performer with a color for themselves.
When the spectators open and read their slips there is a bunch of humor as the predictions read don’t really prove much about your magical abilities.
It’s not until the end when the final slip is read that the audiences realizes you’ve not only predicted what color each spectator would pick but also what color they would leave you (the performer) with.

Simple, direct, funny and extremely easy to perform!


In this kit you’ll receive 4 brightly colored wallets made from 100% vegan leather and matching colored stitching for a clean, modern and bold look that can be see on the largest of stages. You’ll also receive all the slips needed as well as templates and tutorials to make this effect your own and personalize it however you see fit.
The box the kit comes in doubles perfectly as your travel box to keep the wallets safe as you travel from gig to gig.


• The routine has been performed and refined over the course of 50 shows and 18 months so you know you’re getting something you can and will actually perform, instead of another item to collect dust on the magic closet shelf.
• You get multiple performing styles taught in the tutorial so you’re not limited to one routine, style or performance.
• Color Psychology plays just as strong on stage as it does in a close up or parlor setting. Detailed instructions from Adam Wilber show you how to perform easily in each type of venue.
• It’s got a fun and engaging hook. People love learning about color and how it can affect our minds and moods and this routine gets even the most lethargic spectator to perk up and pay attention.
• It’s incredibly easy to learn and perform!



Are the wallets made of real leather?
The wallets are made from 100% Vegan leather and are built to last a lifetime.

Do I have to use the color theme?
No, we teach you how to customize it to whatever 4 items you’d like.

Can I perform it on TV?
Yes,  you have full rights to perform it anywhere you’d like. Please do make sure you don’t expose the method of course but other than that…You bought it so it’s yours to perform wherever and whenever you’d like.

Can it be performed in other languages? Yes, we give you the templates and instructions on how to make this in any language you want with nothing more than a printer so you can print off the predictions in your language of choice.

Is it easy to learn?
In a word… Incredibly! This routine was built in such a way that you can focus on performing and let the props do all the work for you!

Can I still perform it if I’m color blind?
Yes, Adam is severely color blind (green/red and blue/brown) yet can still perform Color Psychology without any issues or concerns. The routine and story behind it has a lot of truth about Adam learning of his color blindness which is what help to sell its intrigue to the audience