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Mentalism Trick

Contactless By Peter and Harry Nardi

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Product Description
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Contactless By Peter & Harry Nardi

"This is one of most organic version of this method that I have ever seen! Trust me, you will never leave home without it!” Luca Volpe

"Contactless is a direct and versatile effect. Versatile enough to be used as a straightforward prediction, influence or my favourite, in conjunction with a psychic reading, yes it’s possible. A great opener casual performance piece that’s so small and dare I say ‘natural/organic’ you have no excuse not to carry it with you at all times" Mick Wilson

"Contactless is a great modern twist on a classic piece of Mentalism. I will carry this with me all the time, always ready to get great reactions with a first class piece of psychological magic" Michael J Fitch

When creating contactless we wanted an effect that would become part of your natural everyday carry.

With Contactless we have taken a classic mentalism principle and bought it bang up to date. There are no strange props to carry and it looks and feels totally impromptu

Contactless is the perfect carry everywhere item!

We designed contactless to work with your own cards to make this effect totally natural. With contactless you receive the custom leather wallet and all the other bits to make this great effect blow minds!

Contactless is super easy to do and we promise you will not leave home without it!
Full video tutorial included.