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Book on all Genres of Magic

Entertaining Magic Book by Martin Peirce

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Product Description
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Don't just perform magic, Entertain..

This book is a collection of Martins pet routines that he has been performing for years.

No filler, just pure, entertaining magic!

Martin is an award winning professional magician with over 20 years experience.

He is a very popular performer and his presentation style mainly concentrates on providing great entertainment to his audiences.

His original blend of magic has seen him win the Merlin Magical Society close up competition on no less than 3 occasions, he is also currently the Stan Blaney Stand Up Stage Trophy champion and the Clifford Morrow Cup holder for a second time (a highly regarded originality award).

He also a regular contributor of magical articles with unique tricks for The British Ring Magazine which have been very well received.

As an inventor of magic Martin is a great thinker, he provides winning commercial routines that are easy to do but very strong in performance, these effects that he has created are guaranteed to have that necessary wow factor for those audiences that witness them.

His work on how to achieve maximum impact with minimal work will amaze you along with his energy and passion he uses in every magical demonstration.

Entertaining Magic includes 22 of Martins pet routines, guaranteed to entertain and amaze!

MP Brainwave

Magicians Card



The Nim Challenge

I did not do it

Cup of choice

If I were a rich man

Black or white

Perfect Sense

Memory Test

Peirce prediction

Double Vision

Upside down powder

Three and Eight

What’s in the box?

Numero uno



The banana trick

Shhh it’s a secret!!

Signs of business

How big is the book?

This is an A5 Glossy Book.

How many pages?

There are 114 pages.

What is the skill level?

Martin has a real focus on entertainment, so none of these effects are difficult.