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Mentalism Trick

ESP Mental Dice by TCC

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Regular price £49.99
Regular price £72.00 GBP Sale price £49.99
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:

A classic mentalism prop repackaged with ESP symbols, made of high-quality brass, and paired with matching ESP cards for a timeless piece in any magician's collection.

This is ESP Mental Dice.

An audience member selects a side of a die and places it in a box with that side facing up. Without looking, the magician correctly divines the choice. This classic mentalism prop has been a timeless trick performed for decades. Even today, its mechanics are still impressive. To further enhance the experience for everyone, we have repackaged the product, combined it with classic ESP symbols, and present: ESP Mental Dice.

We have chosen the highest quality brass material to create the prop, preserving as much of the metal texture as possible, so that it can be a timeless piece in your magic collection. We have also paired it with the matching set of ESP cards, which are 0.5mm thick and made of PVC material to ensure that the cards are durable and comfortable to handle.

Three Effects

1. Mind Reading: The audience thinks of a symbol and places the dice in the round box with the thought symbol facing up. Without looking, the magician can divine the symbol in various ways.

2. Any Choice: The magician lays six ESP cards face down in a row on the table and hands the ESP dice to an audience. The audience places the dice freely on one of the cards, and by chance, the up symbol of the dice matches the chosen card.

3. Double Match: The audience chooses a symbol and places the dice in the box with that symbol facing up. The magician takes out the six ESP cards, shuffles them, and deals them face down one by one on the table. The audience says stop at their will and the card stopped matches exactly with the up symbol of the dice.


  • Easy to do;
  • Non-electronic product with permanent use;
  • No setup required, can be performed immediately;
  • Includes three effects;
  • Exquisite aesthetics, suitable for collection.


  • A Brass ESP Mental Dice
  • A Brass Round Box
  • A Set of 6 Marked ESP Cards
  • A Storage Envelope for ESP Cards
  • An Instruction Card


  • Material of the Main Props: Brass
  • Material of ESP Cards: PVC
  • Size of Brass Round Box: Diameter 57.4mm, Height 23mm
  • Size of ESP Cards: 63mm x 88mm, Thickness 0.5mm

Note: All sizes above are manually measured, with slight errors that do not affect the use of the product.