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Alakazam Wallet

F1 Wallet By Jason Rea

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Regular price £59.99
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:
Ask yourself this question.  Does your current card to wallet routine allow the following?

A card is selected, signed & put back into the deck. You can now show that the selection has vanished.

You can even count the cards and there are only 51. The wallet has been in full view since before the card was even selected. 

Yet when you open the zipper compartment the chosen card is inside.

Now imagine that whole routine is achieved with absolutely no sleight of hand at all. Yes read that again None, Zero sleight of hand. Not one little bit!!


As you know here at Alakazam we design and market our own wallets including these best sellers The Mindspy, the Assassin & the Infinity.  We also get loads of magicians sending in their wallet ideas but to date the F1 is the one that really impressed us. So much so that we are proud to have this join our range of best-selling magic wallets!!

The F1 is easy enough to be used by the beginner and looks so impossible that the pro's will love it!!

Have you ever wanted a palm & no palm card to wallet that is designed to look and function as a standard day to day wallet, yet contains 2 killer lightning fast load functions!!

 Well Jason’s wallet combined with his F1 gimmick allows just that.  The wallet has been designed by Jason and Alakazam to ensure it’s a real world worker.

On the instructional DVD Jason takes you through some of his pet routines including

F1 Card to Wallet

This could be the cleanest and easiest no palm card to wallet ever. Jason's Routine is Slick, fast and totally sleight free.  You will not believe the speed in which the card appears in the wallet!

F1 Repeat Card to Wallet

This effect is a commercial winner.  A three phase routine with two selected cards.  The first selection is found via the use of a long card (a lovely gag but never the less very impressive to your spectator)

 The second card is found in the zipper compartment of your wallet.  Now with the wallet in full view your spectator sees their signed card go in to the middle of the deck (they can even push it in themselves and it really is their signed card)

Now as quick as a flash you open the wallet and remove their card again!!!  You will not believe how easy this effect is to perform.  If you’re a working pro this could be the only card effect you need to use at the table.

F1 Torn and Restored Card

What can I say apart from this looks impossible, it’s a real crowd pleaser with a killer knock out finale. It’s so easy to do and is ideal for walk-around and close up.

F1 Multiple Selection

Another Commercial Winner

Three cards are selected and signed by your spectators.  The cards are lost in the deck. After a little fun with your audience you open your wallet and remove all three cards from the zipper compartment.  The wallet can be sitting on the table before the effect even starts!!!

F1 Phantom

You show a blue backed card in your wallet and state it’s a prediction card.  A spectator names a card and this is removed from a red deck and signed (by the spec)

The card is now placed in the deck.  You say the reason for getting them to sign the card is just in case they forget what card they pick (if they did, all the work you went to would be for nothing Ha Ha)

Now you draw their attention to your wallet (which has been in full view on the table or held by your spectator) the wallet is open and the blue backed card removed. Just watch your spectators face when they realise it’s not only the same value but the actual sign card.

This is a great commercial routine and allows for some great presentations

F1 Thought Of Card To Wallet
A card is thought of by your spectator and is found in your wallet. Simple,Direct & Hard Hitting
F1 Ultimate Prediction
A card is name by your spectator and you remove 3 cards from your wallet. The 3 cards go together to reveal your prediction!!
F1 Ultra Clean Card to Wallet

This is Mark Grey's extremely clever yet totally sleight free version of the card to wallet.  Mark had a great idea which adds a really nice convincer. In fact you can show the card has vanished from the deck before you even touch the wallet (You are going to love this)

Believe it or not all the effects above are accomplished with either minimal or no sleight of hand at all!!

This is by far the fastest, easiest no palm card to wallet ever.

The special F1 gimmick can be easily adapted to your preferred brand of playing card.

The F1 Comes with everything you need (apart from a long card for the gag) to start working it straight away!!!

The wallet dimensions are: 125mm x 95mm aproximatly (closed)