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Mentalism Trick

Finders Keeper 2.0 By ProMystic

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Product Description
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**If you also require the PMR receiver please tick the box at the bottom of the page to add it to your order. 
Finders Keypers 2.0 is the newest revolution of the classic which-hand plot. Imagine yourself performing this staple of mentalism from a distance of five, ten, twenty – up to thirty – feet from the audience with 100% accuracy, as you’d expect from any ProMystic product. No scanning, no touching, no pointing; this is as clean as it gets. Expertly hidden within an unassuming leather key fob lies a secret which is so straightforward and justified it leaves you to focus on what’s most important: presentation. And, on that topic, Finders Keypers 2.0 includes an eBook full of presentations for you to explore and experiment with.

The latest ProMystic technology
ProMystic modular receiver compatible
'Which Hand' with your own or borrowed keys
Custom leather key chain
Performance from up to 30 feet away
Heads or Tails feature
Keyfob picture is customizable
Use any key