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GHOST Standard Package by Alchemy Tree

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Product Description
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Here’s what you get…


GHOST STANDARD EDITION (51 minutes of tuition.)


Ghost Part 1

Collin introduces this TOTALLY IMPROMPTU principle for creating an unprecedented level of fairness and openness in coin magic.   The Ghost Principal enables you to perform a whole host of amazing sleights; even in short sleeves!


The Basic Ghost Vanish

It looks like real magic!   Close your hand for just a moment … and the coin is gone. The mechanics of the move are fully examined, and the extra tips will on make the move invisible.




SkyFall - An invisible coin falls from nowhere and materialises the very moment that it hits your waiting hand.


Closed Fist Production - An empty hand closes and immediately reopens to display a coin.  Three variations are taught.


Basic Vanishes

This section takes established sleights and reimagines them, with moves such as …


Ghost of the Shell - An impromptu vanish of one of several coins, which is as clean as using a gimmick … but it can be performed with BORROWED coins. 


The Ghost Drop – A French Drop where BOTH hands finish empty.


The Ghost Pop - Geoff Latta’s French Pop is exploded wide open as you finish by revealing an empty hand.


The Ghost Spider Vanish – A real magician-fooler: this super-clean vanish blends elements of The Spider-Grip Vanish, The Retention Vanish and The Ghost Principal, to create a magical mind-masher.


Extra Tips

The Ghost Move can elevate your coin magic to a new plane.  Collin explains how.

Develop multiple-coin routines which start AND end with clearly empty hands.  No more fumbling loads or clumsy ditches: this is as clean as it comes.

Remove peculiar "hand-washing” and over-proving sequences from your magic.

And finally, clean up easily when a spectator says, "It’s in the other hand.”




Learn two super clean switches which you’ll immediately want to add to your spellbound routines.  Plus, switching in gimmicked coins, has never been cleaner.


The Advanced Handling


Three BRAND NEW vanishes will allow you to vanish a coin in short sleeves and immediately show both sides of the hand empty.


Utility Passes

The ghost principal can create super-clean utility passes.  Combine these with the other material on this project to revolutionise your coin routines.