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Packet Trick

Gone by Daniel Bryant

11 Reviews
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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:

Easy, Powerful & Visual. The Perfect Packet Trick Is Here!! 

With GONE You can create 2 incredible moments of magic right in front of your spectator’s eyes.

After displaying five random cards from a pack, you visually cause one of them to vanish! You now place the remaining cards in to your spectators hands and explain that you are now going to do the impossible and cause the final 4 cards to vanish, after a moment of concentration you tell the spectator that all the cards are now gone, they are not impressed as they can feel them between their hands however when you turn the cards over all that is remaining on the faces are the letters G.O.N.E!!

Gone is the brainchild of Daniel Bryan and comes complete with everything you need, including an online tutorial, to perform this incredible effect. With the custom printed cards supplied you will have the power to create so much magic, right in front of your spectator’s eyes.

 Multiple handling’s and routines.

  • Easy to do
  • Built in comedy 
  • Comes complete with custom made gimmicks 

 Gone ticks all the boxes and is a worthy addition to any magicians pocket. 

 Grab Yours Today Before They're All G.O.N.E!

 John Carey

"A lovely interactive piece with a finish they will remember long after you've GONE!"


Kieron Johnson

"Gone is a lovely bit of eye candy that take this old plot to a whole new level of awesomeness"


Gary Jones

"This looks brilliant"


Lee smith

"This is a fun piece of mentalism with a unique twist. Very clever and very entertaining. Pick one up now before they are all GONE"


Chris Congreave

"Great trick ! Very commercial"


Rus Andrews

" cracking little effect, simple and powerful "


Steve Rowe

"GONE is THE incredibly impactful packet trick from one of the UK's rising stars. A great reaction and a lovely impossible kicker, well done Daniel"


Ryan tricks

"GONE is F##king amazing this is coming with me everywhere, packs small plays big"


Mike brown

"Daniel Bryan - clearly takes time and pride in everything he does and this effect is no different ! My GO to packet effect !"