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Close Up Trick

Infinity Wine Magic Trick By Peter Kamp

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Product Description
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We are pleased to present the first effect from Peter Kamp: Infinity Wine! 

With Infinity Wine, you will be able to perform one of the oldest magic tricks in the world, giving the illusion of turning water into wine, a true miracle!

Thanks to the special glass and accessories provided, you will only need to pour water into the glass and it will instantly change colour, too look identical to a grand cru. You really have to see it to believe it! That's not all, you can then drink the contents of the glass (or pour it into another container) and immediately pour more water to transform it VISUALLY AND INSTANTLY as if by magic!

The method is so powerful that you can change more than 2 litres of water without having to refill or reset!

Infinity Wine combines all the aspects that a magician asks of a trick: it's easy to do, the reset is immediate, the glass looks completely normal and can even be turned over on the table before achieving the effect, you can prepare it days or weeks in advance. Can be used in close-up as well as in parlour or stage, this ultra visual effect requires no sleight of hand and once set there is nothing added or taken away. The transformation is so visual it speaks for itself.

Infinity Wine is also great for social media. In fact it looks so good you will not believe your own eyes.  Perfect for filming your latest TikTok or instagram prank with a hidden camera.

Each glass is specially hand made by the creator.
Very resistant glass made of Polycarbonate (European manufacture).
You receive enough product to transform about 30 litres of water (refills available)
Immediate reset, change more than 2 litres of water with a single charged glass
Very easy to do
Explanation video in French and English with many tips and tricks for presentation
Perfect for the close-up, parlour and stage
The ideal magic trick for hidden cameras or viral videos for your social media.

Warning: this is only an illusion, the water turns into Bordeaux red coloured water and is drinkable. Food colouring E129, authorised in most countries of the world, information and use under your own responsibility.