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Mentalism Academy Course

Inspiring Innovations Academy With David Jonathan Instant Download

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Product Description
David Jonathan’s Alakazam Academy – Inspiring Innovations

Renowned for his creativity, David Jonathan has built a reputation for consistently releasing strong, practical effects with very clever methods. His most notable releases (SNAPS, Fourtunate, Fortuity and You Know) have received critical acclaim from the magic community and can be found in the repertoires of countless working professionals across the globe.
Magicians in the know have been praising David's innovative approach to magic for years. Now, in his first Alakazam Academy course, Inspiring Innovations, he will take you behind the curtain to reveal his creative process and share valuable insights to unlocking your creativity. David will guide you through an inspirational and detailed step-by-step walkthrough of creating an effect - from the initial idea all the way through the final refinements. Once you are equipped with these techniques, you will be well on your way to creating your own amazing effects, or improving those already in your set. If you have ever thought about exploring how to create original magic that stands out from the crowd, or just wondered how to ignite that creative spark, this is an Academy you will not want to miss!
Additionally, David has handpicked nine powerful, wide-ranging routines to teach, which are all quite fooling and very easy to
do. Not only will you learn the ingenious methods behind the effects, but also hear about how they were structured to achieve the most impact.
Here is a rundown of the fantastic effects that will be taught:
• With The Band
A perfect opener where a rubber band is wrapped around the card box and on your command, it instantly vanishes, only to reappear around a signed card in the middle of the deck! It's quick, super visual and best of all there are no gimmicks.
• Wrong Turn
A fun twist on Any Card At Any Number. While most versions of this plot have an ending that is telegraphed (the card is found at the number), Wrong Turn adds a surprise twist that strengthens the impact of the effect!
• Drawn To Your Will
Three selected cards are placed in locations of the participant's choosing. Impossibly, every choice was predicted beforehand. This effect uses a versatile utility move that will have your mind racing for additional routines to apply it to.
• You Know (UNO)
A mind-boggling, hands-off, mentalism piece using UNO cards that is truly baffling (and nearly self-working!). This versatile routine is great for all ages and is one you will definitely be adding to your repertoire right away!
• Sovereign Sandwich
A hands-off, evolution of the sandwich effect where the spectator makes the sandwich entirely on their own as they shuffle the deck! This is a magician fooler that makes your participant look like a rock star!
• Destined
The two Jokers are removed from the pack, which the participant later uses to find their selected card in a very improbable way. This in itself is no small feat... but wait til you see the kicker ending!
• Precise Premonition
A new take on Eddie Joseph's Premonition effect, which packs in many magical moments that crescendo into a firework finale! The simple and elegant method is commercial and consistently delivers thunderous reactions!
• Arbitrium
Any Card... Any Number... One Lucky Card! A powerful double prediction that leaves audiences baffled... including
magicians! This looks as clean as it gets and you will love the clever method!
• A Picture's Worth (Book Test)
This reputation making book test is unlike anything you have seen before, with a finale that is too good to spoil here. David Regal described it as "A book test that is really not a book test, it’s something better - an astonishing routine of audience participation that results in multiple climaxes with a visceral jolt”. Three versions will be taught. (Note: This routine uses a
marketed item, but one of the variations taught does not require it and can be easily constructed on your own)
The Inspiring Innovations course has something for everyone and you will walk away feeling more creative, while adding some killer effects to your arsenal!