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Card Magic Academy Course

JC Summer School By John Carey Instant Download

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Regular price £24.99
Regular price Sale price £24.99
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Product Description

The Alakazam Academy are proud to present Summer School By the incredible John Carey. 

This is brand new instant download featuring 11 hard hitting items from the creative UK magician. With brand new unreleased material you are in for a real treat as john takes you step by step through all the details needed to start performing these effects right away. 

Accompanied by the Alakazam Academy’s incredibly high production values and multiple camera angles, no stone will be left unturned.

What will you learn ?

Summer School Set List JC

  1. The Big Finish! No spoilers. This is a very easy, but strong and funny opening card effect!
  2. The imagination game. A card formed using the spectators imagination is revealed to be in your pocket. No sleights, just subtlety and smoke!
  3. Open Prediction 2019. Carey’s super sneaky approach to a classic plot!
  4. Yours and Mine! A super fair packet effect where they make all the choices! Very commercial!
  5. Yours and Mine Transposition. A very direct multiple Transposition effect. Almost self working!
  6. In the hands false riffle shuffle. A beautiful false shuffle that won’t break your fingers! Very deceptive.



  1. The JC One coin routine! An action packed one coin routine, loaded with action. You will learn myriad sleights to add to your repertoire. A mini workshop on coin magic!
  2. That’s mine so these must be?! A lovely commercial just chance routine you will use.
  3. There’s nothing I can know! A super sneaky impossible divination effect.
  4. The Hopscotch Control. A highly deceptive card control.


  1. Semi Automatic All Backs. A sleightless version of a card classic you will love using!