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Coin Trick

Jim Boyds Confusing Coins AKA Hopping Halves

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Product Description
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In April 1967 Jim Boyd had a routine published in Vol.22/No.12 of The Gen. The routine was called Confusing Coins ( better known today as Hopping Halves ).
Jim created the routine with coin gaffs that were available at the time and it has grown to become a classic and a favourite carry everywhere trick by magicians worldwide.

Unfortunately many magicians and magic companies do not know the history of this effect and Jim has never been given credit for his masterpiece.

Each set of Confusing Coins has been hand made with exact precision to give you the perfect props to perform this incredible yet easy to do effect.

Confusing Coins are available in various denominations including Jim's original design, the Half Crown and English Penny set.

Each package comes complete with:

Precision made custom Coin Set
Custom Coin Wallet
The Full In-depth Tutorial Video 

This is one effect you will NEVER leave home without!