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Coin Magic Academy Course

Kainoa Harbottle Academy Instant Download

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Product Description

Download this amazing course today!

You might remember his strange name from Palms of Steel or the New York Coin Magic Symposiums, seen him online at Reel Magic Magazine, or read his column in the pages of Genii. No matter how you know Kainoa Harbottle's material, you also know he brings with him an engaging personality, an off-beat sense of humor, and some of the cleanest coin magic you will ever see.

In Kanoia’s first Alakazam Academy you will not only see amazing coin (and card) magic but you will learn the how’s and whys of the routines presented and the decisions Kanoia has made to perform strong and engaging magic. Kainoa's thinking is considered revolutionary by many of his contemporaries and this is an Academy you are NOT going to want to miss.


Too Many Coins

This is a no-holds-barred routine of doom with an incredible amount of technical and theoretical lessons. In this modular routine, coins go across and change places, even as the magician tries to make things easier on the audience by getting rid of more and more of the coins. Finally, the coins suddenly all return…or all vanish because the ending is up to you.

Tablehopper's Quattro

Don't be a slave to your props! A routine that teaches the possibilities that coin magic has to offer.

Single, Again

How much magic can you do with one coin? Way too much! The choice of effects are yours, but the take-home lesson is how to avoid the "it’s in the other hand” syndrome through the structure of the routine.

EZ Miser

Want to look like you can do amazing coin magic but only use ONE simple move? Then pay attention.

Lesson in Coinjuring

The "real” secret between how coins disappear and reappear. A startling visual effect that combines transformations and vanishes.

Hopping Chango

A copper/silver routine that reveals the power of a standard coin gaff. Don’t spend money on expensive extras when a little sleight of hand can solve all your problems.

The Trick that Always Works

A quick and easy handling of Charlie Miller's "Dunbury Delusion" that works great as an opener and instantly tells you who your friends in the audience really are.  

The Miser's Goblet

Kainoa's signature production of a multitude of coins and the dreaded Harbottle Steeplechase Discrepancy.