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Card Trick

Khameleon Deck by Kenton Knepper

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Product Description
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Khameleon Deck
by Kenton Knepper

A Full Deck Stunner!


Cards are singly and clearly dealt one at a time on to the table. Each is seen to have a blue back. The performer cautions the spectator not to be influenced in any way.

A spectator chooses any card at all. It is the only red back card. But that’s just for starters...

Suddenly all the blue back cards freely shown and dealt on to the table become red back cards too.

These cards are placed on to the blue deck, and now the entire deck turns into red backed cards as well!

The deck can be fanned, shuffled, spread out—the cards have all red backs and the faces are seen to be entirely normal.

Straight to the effect, without any nonsense.

There is even an additional bit where a card placed into the pocket becomes another card, and the original card turns blue! The deck is entirely examinable.

No sleights required.

You don’t even have to do a double lift.


It doesn’t seem possible, but that’s the truth.

Kenton has performed this effect to rave reactions with real people in real world performing situations.

Audiences laugh, freak out, and never know that this crazy, eye-popping effect is one of the easiest tricks you may ever do!

Comes complete with full instructions and special Bicycle card.
Use your own red Bicycle Poker deck.