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book test

Lucky Numbers by Martin Peirce

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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:
Martins' Lucky Numbers is a booktest like to other.
Everyone has heard about the Lottery and most people you meet would have playing it at sometime or another. Over the years we have always been fascinated by stories of how people have spend their newly found wealth. Well, this book contains stories of some of the craziest spending habits of Lottery winners but it also holds some very clever secrets!
With Lucky Numbers you will be able to perform mentalism of the absolute highest quality.

Welcome to a unique and exciting book test that is all about crazy people who have won the National Lottery and their even crazier spending.

Lucky Numbers has been made into a highly colourful, portable and fully examinable A6 glossy publication. It is jam packed with hugely entertaining National Lottery success stories complete with the winning jackpot details.  
A spectator can freely select any page number or merely choose a story from the index page (again no force). Just from this piece of information you can now perform as many of the 16 mind busting revelations that are available as you wish. Merely have them tune in to your psychic abilities to immediately start producing some incredible and impressive mind reading miracles.
With Lucky Numbers you will be able to reveal all the following details without any fishing whatsoever;
The gender of the winner from their freely chosen story or page number 
The colours of all the winning 6 jackpot balls  
The amount of odd/even numbers from their selections
The amount they scooped on their jackpot night
The date they won the life changing amount of money
And yes ALL 6 of their lucky 6 numbers!!!!

You can also have the first line from any success story read aloud from anywhere in the book and immediately know all the above mentioned information.

There are two different methods completely hidden between the Lucky Numbers book covers which are super clever and best of all they are super easy to learn. These methods will allow you to perform all of the killer mentalism routines so you can concentrate on revealing them as dramatically as you want.

Key Points;
*Easy to learn
*Fully examinable 
*Portable Colourful A6 Book
*No Forces
*Fun to perform 
*2 different undetectable methods 
*No duplicates
*Every outcome is different
*No crib required 
*Instantly repeatable 

Lucky Numbers provides you with the ultimate plays big packs small item. This is an entertaining and original book test that can be adapted for your close up, parlour and even stage performances.