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Lynx Blackboard XL by João Miranda Magic - Trick

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Product Description

The most innovative and powerful mentalism illusion ever created, now 2x faster!

First the effect, and then the new version's innovations:

In this effect, the magician writes a prediction on a chalkboard. The performer asks any audience member to name any number, letter, word, or anything they want to predict. The magician turns the chalkboard around, and it can be seen that the prediction exactly matches the audience member's thought!

The magician can erase and predict anything again, as many times as desired, without stooges or pre-show work.

With this new version, besides its huge size, a NEW APP is included: it allows the magician to pre-save drawings. So, when the spectator's selections are made, the magician does not have to draw anything. With just a tap in the app, the pre-saved drawing will automatically start being drawn!

Lynx Blackboard has been performed on TV and live shows by some of the best magicians in the business, like Derren Brown, Jon Dorenbos, The Clairvoyants, Dan White, Issy Simpson, and many more.

The Lynx Blackboard has a diabolic electronic system developed in the last 3 years, which allows the magician's predictions to appear, written in real chalk! This enables the performer to accomplish true miracles in mind reading or predictions.

Lynx Blackboard packs flat for shipping.


May the illusion be performed without an assistant?

Yes. The magician can hide the tablet or phone in a notepad, and using the double writing principle, he can perform the illusion himself.

How does the magician know that the writing is made?
Once the drawing is made, the tablet or phone (not included) vibrate for 3 seconds. After that the magician can turn the board around and show the corrected prediction.

May I use any phone or tablet?
The system works with virtually any android phone / tablet that uses Bluetooth, since along with the prop you receive a custom made APP, that you easily install into the device you want to perform with (phone or tablet).

For how many performances does a piece of chalk last? Is it easy to replace?
The illusion works with a very specific brand of chalk, and a small piece is enough for at least 50 performances. The chalk takes only 2 minutes to replace.

Does the illusion makes any noise?
There is a noise that won't be heard at all if the magician uses some background music or a microphone to speak.

How is the range from the tablet to the Blackboard?
An amazing 60 meters range.