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Close Up Illusion

Memory by BLUETHER Magic, Wonder House, & Empty Box Magic

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Regular price £28.99
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Product Description
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An emotional and poetic piece of magic to create a truly memorable experience for your cherished audience. Two pieces of cardboard are signed and torn in half by you and the audience. The torn edges fit together seamlessly to form a heart-shaped hourglass.

'What fooled me most with "Memory" is a topological innovation that made me laugh loudly of happiness when I was told how it worked. It is very clever! And I believe that it might be a completely new idea'. - Tom Stone

Time is a concept that cannot be seen or touched, but humanity has long attempted to define it by creating units such as seconds, minutes, and days, as well as concepts such as the past and the future. These definitions were originally intended to capture our experiences and aspirations.

Imagine being in the presence of someone special, sharing a moment in time, and capturing that moment as a tangible memory. This will undoubtedly become a poetic and unforgettable memory.

In "Memory", the magician and an audience member sign their names on two pieces of cardboard with the image of an hourglass. They then respectively tear one cardboard in half, symbolizing the sharing of time with each other. Amazingly, the randomly torn edges of the two different pieces of cardboard fit together perfectly to form a heart-shaped hourglass with both signatures on it. In the end, the magician can frame the combined image and give it to the audience as a unique and memorable souvenir.

Originally created as a card trick, "Memory" has been refined over time to include beautiful graphics and a romantic storyline. The effect has evolved into piecing together a heart-shaped hourglass, combining the imagery of measuring the passage of time with that of capturing moments as tangible memories.

Time, romance, and memories are all elements that make a great story and allow you and your audience to share a moment together. "Memory" is not a hyper-visual effect; it creates unique and personal memories that are specific to you and your audience.

We have carefully selected a high-quality paper that lives up to our expectations. Its unique embossed pattern adds texture and substance, and we are confident that you will appreciate its uniqueness once you hold it in your hands.

After extensive performances, we developed a highly practical routine and refined the script to ensure that the effect will resonate with the audience. In the tutorial, we will present the optimal solution in a clear and concise manner, explaining the principles and performance considerations, and offering small tips to help you perfect your performance. We provide two versions of the performance: one for a one-on-one setting and another for a couple.

The torn edges match perfectly 100% of the time. Easy to do and nearly no setup.
Compact and Portable: With a card size of 90*90mm, it is easy to carry in a book, pocket, or even wallet.
Premium Quality: carefully selected paper that tears smoothly and has an attractive embossed pattern.
Plenty: One set is enough for up to 16 performances.
Unique Souvenir: A rare gift that appeals to those who appreciate beauty and meaning, it is a keepsake that people would love to treasure and display, remaining a cherished memento for years to come.
One set includes
Cardboard Gaffs for 16 performances
16 Cardboard Frames for storing mementos
One ordinary marker to sign the names