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Mentalism Academy Course

Methods In Mentalism With Nikolas Mavresis Instant Download

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Product Description
Download this fantastic course today!
Nikolas Mavresis the man behind such hits as CineMental, Zener Match and ‘The Collector’ is joining us at the Alakazam Academy to share some of his previously unpublished effects.

Nikolas is one of the most creative people in our field. Constantly delivering commercial routines, with simple, yet effective methods.

In this Academy Nikolas will be teaching mentalism effects that are doable by anyone of any skill level

With the Academy you can join us to watch the event live on the evening and interact with everyone in the Academy chatroom and don’t worry if you can’t make the date or time as the entire lesson will be saved in to your account for you to stream or download and keep forever!
1)No-peek "Name & Place” 
This is my version of Bob Cassidy’s Name & Place routine where you don’t need to read any secret information.
2)Impossible Triple Prediction
You find the cards of 3 spectators under test conditions! 
3)Ultimate Cluedo
A super fun routine using 14 suspects and 1 killer.
4)Anger Management 
A two-phase routine where the mentalist reveals what emotions the participant is feeling at the moment. The last phase will leave you speechless.
5)Russian Bank Night
The bank night combined with a Russian roulette twist.
Two spectators shuffle half the deck genuinely. Each of them selects a card from the corresponding pile, physically and mentally. Then the spectator who mentally selected the card spells the card in mind and deals each card on the table. Both selections are found in a stunning manner.

7)Dinner with me?
Can you predict what food, drink, and dessert the spectator is thinking of? Yes, you can!
8)Happy Hour! 
The psychometry plot done with cocktails plus a sneaky twist at the end.
9)Triple Movie Prediction
This is an impossible 3-movie prediction routine using the CineMental deck that has not been taught on the DVD. So if you own CineMental, you are in for a treat. Three spectators choose a movie each from a movie deck. Without any peeking, you instantly know what movie they are thinking of.