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Card Magic Academy Course

New Magic Of The Masters With John Carey Instant Download

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Product Description
*Download today and start learning instantly
Back in 2019 and 2020, our core tutor at the Academy, John Carey presented 4 outstanding Academy courses called Magic of the Masters. We received a multitude of emails and calls from customers saying how much they enjoyed John’s courses.
Well there’s great news. He’s back!!!

Here’s is a list of what John has got in store for you:

1. A2345- Gabi Pereras. A deviously brilliant opening effect with just 5 cards!

2. Hopscotch- Max Maven. Max gave John permission to teach this a while back. A Beautiful multiple transposition effect that you will love learning and using.

3. Hellraiser- Peter Duffie. John considers this the finest approach to the classic Elevator card plot. Tune in and see why!

4. Open Prediction- Gordon Bean. No spoilers. This is just devious!! 

5. Quick cull miracle- Ed Marlo. A fantastic revelation of a four of a kind from a spectator shuffled deck. You will use this…

6. When Daley Met Collins. JC's version of the classic Stanley Collins Aces.

7. The Perception Shuffle. John’s false shuffle is a keeper! So sly…

8. Inside/Outside. Carey’s copper silver transposition is quite simply a beautiful piece of coin magic. So visual!

9. All Backs Pot Pourri- Lou Gallo- A super commercial and highly visual opening card routine you will want to add straight away to your repertoire…

10. Winged Silver- Lou Gallo. John’s absolute favorite coins across. A true gem!

11. Small packet Triumph- Bob Hummer- A fooler and a worker. You will fool yourself with this…

12. Another Open Prediction. Another beautiful method for a classic effect.

13. Really?- Harry Lorayne. No spoilers guys. This is dynamite!

The session will be wrapped up with a Q and A Session. It promises to be a fantastic evening of learning with John.