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Card Trick

Ocular By Alexis De La Fuente

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Product Description
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When Alexis first showed us the idea for Ocular we went crazy!

Ever wanted to make card visually appear inside an envelope?  Ocular is a genius gaff that does all the work for you!  It’s easy to do and can be added to your card set at any point.  You’re going to love Ocular.

Purchase Ocular from Alakazam and get a FREE instant streaming bonus routine for use with the Ocular Gimmick.

***Please choose your preferred Ocular gimmick colour from the drop down menu at time of ordering.

A hyper visual card to envelope that can be added to your card set at any point.  We explained the idea to our card engineer Rob Bromley and after a few prototypes he cracked it!  Then the Alakazam team put their heads together to create the cool, workable routines you will learn on the accompanying DVD.

Your spectators are going to absolutely love Ocular.  The moment they see the card appear is an absolute jaw dropper.

Ocular comes complete with a beautiful & clever gimmick (which does all the work for you) and has been handcrafted by Rob Bromley

Comes with access to an instant streaming video with ideas by Alexis DE LA Fuente, Peter Nardi, Dave Loosley & Andrew Smith.

Ocular is easy to do, quick to set / reset and can be added to your routine at any point.Ocular is a perfect way to end your ambitious card routine.