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Mentalism Academy Course

Organic Mentalism With Phill Smith Instant Download

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Product Description

Day 1:

Session 1a

Information gathering

Word / image divination using The Biz - ungaffed ungimmicked live information gathering with just business cards - method and presentational approaches

Interl8ced Thief - a fun reinvention of the ‘Dead or Alive’ structure, without dead people getting in the way. Self working, easy to do ANYTIME

Fastext - a 100% impromptu booktest for the quick witted

Additional concepts taught:

  • Psychological vs Psychic vs Unique premises
  • Spectator as mind-reader
  • Making the reveal


Session 1b

Mind control

Equivoque, PATEO & Quinta - Three powerful methods to force one object from many, creating the illusion of total freedom for the spectator, each illustrated with a powerful hard hitting effect.

Psychological forces - Illustrating the power of psychological forces using Left Brain / Write Brain, a simple demonstration of thought transference that hits EVEN when you miss.

Number forces - Combining ideas to create powerful moments WITHOUT getting bogged down in sums.

Additional concepts taught:

  • Making it BIG
  • Creating a moment
  • Environmental revelations


Day 2:

Session 2a

Brain to Brain - foolproof propless

The Universal - control the spectator’s choice of ANYTHING, no matter how abstract, any time, any place, over skype, anywhere.

Progressive anagrams - how to create the illusion of loose, free mindreading

Mathematical effects - creating meaning and demathsing logical effects

Additional concepts taught:

  • Fake improv
  • Genuine jazz
  • Believable moments

Session 2b

All hands on deck

This session will cover a range of techniques, principles and approaches to creating the illusion of REALISTIC mind-reading and mentalism using a standard deck of cards.

Body language mind-reading - systematically break down the spectator’s responses and learn the playing card they are simply thinking of, even handing the final revelation to the audience.

Deep-thought prediction - craft an impossible prediction from next to nothing using just a normal deck, with a revelation that will knock the audience for six.

Time-sight - a vivid presentation for a hidden classic

Power memory - learn to memorise the WHOLE DECK in a flash… or so it seems. 

Visionary Journey - create an intriguing reading for your audience, taking them on an imaginary journey to a destination they will never predict… but you will.

Additional concepts taught:

  • *Real* card handling
  • Freestyling with the audience
  • Using a grounded hook

 Session 2c

Real Skills

This session focuses on demonstrations of real skills that a mentalism can perform to create the impression of highly developed mental faculty. The secret is in maintaining a delicate balance between real real and fake real.

Deep memorisation - learn to instantly capture information with speed and accuracy, and how to create a powerful performance around it

Beat the calculator - perform rapid calculations that will blow your audience away as you mentally compute sums faster than they can even open the calculator app

Handwriting analysis - ready to go at a moment’s notice, a foolproof method for knowing which name your audience has written is their best friend’s.

 Rainman - Perform a superfast estimation that will definitely impress. Yup. Definitely.

 Additional concepts taught:

  • Informal demonstrations done right
  • Why do it real vs why fake it?
  • Teaching the real