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Alakazam Academy

Packet Tricks Pack a Wallop with Liam Montier (2 lesson course) Instant Download

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Regular price £49.99
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Product Description

*Download This Course Instantly!

Join renowned teacher and creator Liam Montier on an exclusive Alakazam Academy course, looking at PACKET TRICKS!

Covering a wide range of tricks and effects, from the totally self working, to more complicated techniques and sleights, this promises to be a masterclass.

As well as being on hand to answer ALL your questions (especially the magic related ones!) Liam will also help you to learn the full work and details on techniques such as…

The Olram Subtlety

Multiple Lifts (with no breaks) from a small packet

The Elmsley Count (Bomb-proof technique with ANY cards)

Hamman Count 

Gemini Count

Spirit Count

The Jordan Count (and why it’s not as good as the Elmsley one!)


John Bannon’s Fabulous Bullet Party Display!

Along the way, you will learn tricks such as…

What A Turn Up (and multiple presentations) 

Chicken Dinner and Tantilizer Cash (unpublished Montier originals)

Spotless and the Eight Card Brainwave

You, Me, Us - A fully routined packet trick ACT by Liam

As well as some packet trick classics, such as…

The Elmsley Four Card Trick

Red Oil and Blue Water (Peter Kane)

Gemini Twins (Brother John Hamman)

And a stack of ‘regular deck’ packet tricks, including

‘Sly Cheese’

‘Wild In The Straights’


‘Reality Burb’

*As always, please bear in mind that due to the live nature of the Academy experience, the contents and running order were subject to change.