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Mentalism Trick

Perspex Prediction by Rob Bromley

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Product Description
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The magician shows a clear Perspex board with the numbers 1-6 embossed upon it. Around the perimeter of the board are 6 face down playing cards,a balloon is now shown and the magician explains it contains a prediction of one of the 6 cards on the board. The fun now begins as the balloon is tossed into the audience and is kept in the air by the audience members, the magician turns his back and after a short while shouts "Stop". At this stage

whoever is holding the balloon is asked to stand up; in other words the choice of spectator is totally at random.

You now ask the spectator to name any of the numbers from 1 -6 and they are allowed to change their mind if they wish.The card at the selected position is removed from the board, the board is turned over to show the remaining five cards are different.The spectator now bursts the balloon and retrieves the prediction from within,it is read out and it matches the selected card.