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Magic Gifts

Reversed Perspective Illusion The Gallery by Ace Magic

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Regular price £45.00
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Product Description


Stunning Optical Illusions

Flat Packed, assemble in 10 minutes

Awesome magic display item

Create a talking point

3 days of watching everyone stop, sway from side to side, walk up and down and being amazed!

These Optical Illusions are awesome to display anywhere! In your magic room, in your house, in the office..

They always create a fantastic talking point. As you will see on the video, as you move around, the whole perspective changes dramatically.

These illusions are NOT just flat prints, they are extremely cleverly engineered.

They are supplied flat, in a really nice package, with poster strips for round the edge and a hook to hang the illusion.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to assemble the illusion, just fold and insert the tabs, no glue or tape needed.

What size are the illusions?

Assembled Size 62cm x 27cm

What are the illusions printed on?

The illusions are printed on packaging grade card.

These Reversed Perspective Illusions are influenced by the master of this type of work, Patrick Hughes.

Prior to designing them, I made contact with Patrick to ensure that I had his blessing.

I then spent time with him at his gallery (an AMAZING place!).

These are NOT rip-offs in any way :)