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Book Test

Screenplay Vol 1 by Gary Sumpter and Stevo Watson

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Product Description
Difficulty Rating:
Screenplay is a revolutionary new method that allows you to perform an INCREDIBLE multi reveal Booktest with ZERO MEMORY WORK.

We have produced two versions of Screenplay. Both come as complete packages with everything included.

Each book has a DIFFERENT cover, but the internal pages are identical.

Therefore, you can buy one book, either cover design and start performing straight away.
However, if you buy BOTH books, you can give your spectator a completely free choice of either book for THEM to use, which makes your whole performance seem even more impossible.

Screenplay – The High Definition Booktest

Ace Magic Studio’s first Booktest was ‘What’s Cooking?’ which was and still is a big seller and has gained rave reviews from magicians and mentalists worldwide.
Now, We have taken the Booktest even further with a universal theme that is a DREAM for mentalists – MOVIES!
Screenplay is a custom designed movie book, created from the ground up.
It looks legit, feels legit and IS legit!
Anyone that has purchased our ‘What’s Cooking?’ booktest will know what to expect when it comes to the quality!

With Screenplay you can perform solid, amazing mentalism.
This is a serious bit of kit that you will be proud to own and perform.
What can you do with Screenplay?
There are 108 different movie spreads.
You can ask a spectator to turn to ANY movie in the book.
You can then reveal:
  • The small image next to the title (popcorn, drink, candy etc).
  • The number of daily online streams of the movie.
  • The amount of times the author has watched the movie.
  • The NAME of the movie AND the number in the series it is, for example Karate Kid 2, Scream 3, Final Destination 1. This is POWERFUL.

Anything else?
Yep, of course!
There are several other reveals built into the book. We won’t say what they are as they will be nice surprises when you purchase ;)
Full video instructions are provided, but honestly because there is no memory work required you will be doing this straight away.
Obviously, you need to spend time perfecting your presentation, but in terms of the method, it won’t take long for you to be using the book :)
How easy is it to perform?
This is the BEST part!
You DON’T need to know the page number!
You ask the spectator one simple question, which makes perfect sense, and their answer will tell you everything you need to know!
The spectators answer will be different for every movie!
  • No Fishing
  • No Preshow
  • Nothing to remember

We can honestly say that we are SO proud of this booktest. For us it really ticks all of the boxes.
Movies are a PERFECT theme for mentalism.
Just by knowing the name of the film and having even the smallest amount of movie knowledge, you can reveal so many details before the main reveal.
Anything else?
Seriously? This is GREAT.
You want MORE? We can’t… Well.. OK go on then..


We have redesigned our effect ‘Chocolate Challenge’ to be a Virtual Cinema Experience.
Your spectator is invited to walk around 9 cinema screens, placing cinema ticket cards over each movie as they land on it, leaving them with one final movie that you have predicted beforehand. This is self working and a real fooler.
This is a GREAT standalone effect that works perfectly alongside Screenplay.
It is included in the Screenplay package FREE OF CHARGE and is not available separately.
Includes Virtual Cinema Experience folded card, cinema cards (printed on small playing card stock) and red envelope.
Book Specs
The book is 8.5 x 11 inches
Full Colour Gloss pages throughout!