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SHADE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Jeki Yoo - Trick

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Regular price £69.68
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Product Description

A cool and visual trick with your everyday carry! SHADE - Bill To Sunglasses!

I am proud to present my newest magic item, which is great for everyday magicians, social media & virtual shows!

I spent over 1-year developing SHADE and created many different methods and handlings that will allow you to perform this effect almost anywhere!
  • Compact self-contained gimmick included
  • Visual & practical
  • Great for video and live performance
  • Can be performed almost anywhere
  • Great opener/closer for any routine
  • Customizable kit included (DIY required)
Easily customize your SHADE gimmick to perform with any currency! This gimmick kit will also allow you to use various style sunglasses!
  • Polymer currencies will require a black shirt. (CAD, VND & GBP)
  • Different style sunglasses may require a black shirt for performance.
What's inside?

Comes with stylish sunglasses, one gimmick ($100 version), customizable kit included, foldable wallet case, and 30 minutes tutorial instruction with Jeki Yoo

SHADE was inspired by 'Watch This by Rex Kim' and mostly his approach to visual magic with EDC fashion items.

"The combination of magic and fashion is fantastic! If you're looking for Visual and Stylish magic I strongly suggest Shade by a Jeki Yoo!"
- Rex Kim (creator of Watch This)

"This makes perfect sense and makes my brain melt at the same time! I love this!"
- Nicholas Lawrence